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Even though it is the summer break, my queue will be still running between 9am and 6pm (some of the time) because I will be busy!

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The Only Way Is Essex, I wanna marry "harry" and Big Brother


will grayson, will grayson

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I won't be online from the 16th - 18th July as I am away on a school trip but my queue will be set up!
charshire asked: Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, Zayn Malik
someday-we-will-surrender asked: how do you make your navigation style like that? Or your Tags you know? :) x

for my tags page I used this theme x

lloydbadbitch asked: logan lerman, andrew garfield and tom fletcher


msjacksons asked: luke hemmings/ashton irwin/michael clifford?x

husband: ashton irwin, bestfriend: luke hemmings, brother: michael clifford

send me 3 names of people and i’ll tell you who I want as my: husband / wife, best friend and brother / sister

"Being in a girl group, we might bicker a lot about hair dryers or straighteners, but it’s never serious. We’ve been lucky that we get along so much, it’s like having three other sisters to party with every day—it’s fun!"